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Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.
J. Ruskin


Our desserts


Sweet wines by the glass

Coffee Blends
  • Green Coffee Salection €3,00
  • Coffee and Ginseng €3,00
  • Barley Hazelnut €3,00
Single-Origin Coffee
  • Kenia Top Quality AA €3,50
  • Ethiopia Sidamo Berekka Estate €3,50
  • Tarquibno Lavado €3,50
  • Pergamino sul de Minas €3,50
  • Jawa €3,50
  • Togo €3,50
  • Tanzania €3,50
  • Caffé e Ginseng €3,50
Single-Origin "Eccellenza" Coffee
  • Kopi Luwak €15,00
  • Bird Jacu €16,00
  • Blue Montain €8,00
  • Bourbon Pointu €12,00
  • Di Santa Cruz Estate Cofee €8,00
  • Monte Everest Supreme €6,00
Tea e Tisanes
  • Mint Infusion €3,00
  • Mallow and Lemin Balm Tisane €3,00
  • Forrest Fruits Infusion €3,00
  • Light Tisane €3,00
  • Realxation Tisane €3,00
  • Black Tea €3,00
  • Green Tea €3,00
  • Red Tea €3,00
  • Chamomile Infusion €3,00

To guarantee the origins of our food you’ll find here the list of supplying firms.
Fresh fish maybe subjected to rapid cooling process to ensure food security.
Dear guest, if you have allergies or food intolerance please, report it to our staff who is able to suggest the right choice on the menu provided with allergens indications.
Dear guest, to guarantee the quality of our food , we cook for you at the moment, so we apologize in advance for any probable wait.

Our suppliers

Salumi “Il Poggio” (Celle sul Rigo, Siena)
Caseificio “De’ Magi -Alchimia De’ Formaggi” (Castiglion Fiorentino, Arezzo)
Caseificio di Cugusi Silvana (Pienza, Siena)
“Miniaturae” – Micro ortaggi
Le Primizie di Selecta (Occhiobello, Rovigo)
Polo Ristorazione
Cancelloni distribuzione (Magione, Perugia)

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