Bourgogne Des Flandres Brune cl 75

Craft, blonde, high fermentation beer. €13,50

Quintine Blanche BIO cl 33

Craft white BIOLOGICAL beer. €6,00

Malheur Brut cl 75

Lager, rich and exclusive, bottled and matured up to three times in the bottle, elegant aftertaste like a sparkling Brut Champenoise method. €24,00

Cuvee du chateau cl 75

Stout crafted, matured for 10 months in wooden barrels, taste winey with aftertaste of toasted malt. €12,50


St. Peter’s Gluten Free cl 50

GLUTEN FREE beer, aromatic, manufactured with amarillo hops, leading to a bitter end. €8,00


Norbertus Hefeweizen cl 50

Top-fermented, type weizen beer, turbid compact head, fruity taste and a hint of banana. €6,50

Rauchbier Schlenkerla cl 50

Amber smoked beer. €7,00


Poretti 4 Luppoli cl 33

Clear generously hopped beer, brewed with barley malt and 4 different hops. €4,00


Belhaven-Scottish Stout cl 50

Black type stout-bodied beer with the foam thick and creamy. Roasted sweet aroma, caramelized. €7,00

United States

Anchor-Brekle’s Brown cl 35,5

Stout dark tupe beer, dense, full-bodied and with velvety aftertaste, characteristic of coffee and subtle hint of hops. €6,00