À la carte menu

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.
J. Ruskin

Cheeses Selection combined with home made jam

Selection of sheep cheeses from “Pienza” or goat cheese - Selection of “Alpeggio” cheeses (De Magi Selection)

€ 14,00


“Tuscan Gran Fritto” of vegetables in “tempura” style with sweet and sour sauce and black sea salt (deep fried in Extra virgin olive oil

€ 12,50

Chicken leg in seeds crust, roasted bell peppers and bbq sauce

€ 12,00

Veal tripe “Siena style”, millefeuille of celeriac and pecorino cheese, beans burst

€ 12,00

The egg is overturned in the nest... The soft egg, Jerusalem artichoke, sautéed chicory and hay smoke

€ 13,50

The selection of Tuscan cold cuts and “Cinta Senese” Il Poggio with “cecina”

€ 13,50

Fish Suggestion

Soft polenta with passion fruit, marinated red prawn, mussels, oyster leaf, salted almond crumble and salicornia gel

€ 14,50

First Courses

(Fresh pasta is homemade and handmade)

The traditional “Pici” with asparagus pesto on cocoa-flavored pecorino mousse, cocoa grue (handmade with stone-ground flour)

€ 11,00

The typical “Pasta e fagioli” soup with crunchy “finocchiona” (Pasta Panarese)

€ 11,00

Garlic, oil and chilli?...Tagliolino with DOP aglione cream from Valdichiana with parsley, chili peppers, black garlic

€ 11,50

“The Cacio e 4 Pepi” gratinated semolina dumplings, chive tomato mousse

€ 14,50

Fish Suggestion

Carnaroli Maremma risotto with octopus ragout and lemon air

€ 14,50

Main Dishes

(All our main courses are served with garnish)

Sirloin beef steak, with rosemary smoke, chards and Tuscan dressing

€ 21,00

The lamb shank glazed with lavender, pure aubergines, aubergine quenelles and dried tomatoes

€ 22,50

Pigeon breast with “Vin Santo” wine sauce, “foie-gras” with cocoa beans and orange (since 2001 )

€ 23,00

Guinea fowl with prunes, grilled champignon mushrooms and pure, coffee sauce

€ 20,00

“A la fiorentina” grilled T-bone steak “Chianina” beef certified (served with Cannellini white beans)

€ 5,50 each 100g

Fish Suggestion

Codfish in cooking oil, black chickpea cream, chickpea wafer and herring caviar

€ 19,50